Casa mia is Italian for "my home".

We specialize in curating everyday tablescapes and table decor to help our Party People host seamlessly. All you have to do is RSVP to the party.

tabletop styling


Collection of boxes to bring your tabletop to life through a fusion of tablescape themes

hosting accessories


Collection of boxes that complement your hosting habits both on and off of your tabletop

Why Casamia?

We help you host. Our Mission is to deliver thoughtful and playful entertaining packages to become your not-so-secret weapon to achieve ultimate merrymaker status. It’s fun to have a table party.

How was Casamia founded?

Founded in Santa Monica over a casual backyard dinner, Marisa and Caroline came up with the idea of casamia; Marisa is one helluva host, while Caroline is one helluva social butterfly but is overwhelmed with the idea of hosting. So we decided...... the Carolines of the world need the Marisas of the world help...... resulting in casamia. Host More. Stress Less.